Continental Cup
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18.- 19. 5. 2002
Žebříček A, Žebříček B Čechy
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5 Days 2002
SC Jičín

19.5.2002 Results both events
17.5.2002 Startlists have been changed a little bit.
Coming of bus on saturday 18.5.2002
is available only with one way. To this way you will be navigated by means of traffic indicators from road between railway station Bezděz and village Bezdědice. Traffic indicators route you on the tarmac road and in distance 650 meters from event center first coming bus stops. Next bus stops behind. Busdrivers must stay by bus or in earshort of radio in event center because of unblocking road in case of wood fire.
15.5.2002 Watch this pages for information about coming roads to event center.
14.5.2002 Startlists for both events
26.2.2002 New schedele list
25.2.2002 This page was created

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