5 Days Orienteering - JIČÍN 2004

Schedule list

Date:4th - 8th August 2004

Event centre:Camping Svatá Kateřina – between Chotěvice and Vítězná villages – 6 km South-East from Hostinné, 40 km North-East from Jičín. Event centre is a centre of all competitions.

Classes 5 days:D21E, D10N, D10, D12AB, D14AB, D16AB, D18AB, D20AB, D21ABC, D35AB, D40AB, D45AB, D50, D55, D60,D65 H21E, H10N, H10, H12AB, H14AB, H16AB, H18AB, H20AB, H21ABC, H35AB, H40AB, H45AB, H50AB, H55AB, H60, H65, H70,H75
T1, T2 (courses for adult beginners – both women and men, T1=3km, T2=5km)
Courses for D10N and H10N will be marked by orange strips.

Classes 3 days:D21C3, D35B3, H21C3, H35B3, H40B3
3 days event begins on 6th August 2004

Deadlines and the  way of entry:For accommodation in hotels and bungalows:    till 20th July 2004
For event and camp accommodation:               till 20th July 2004
Please send entry forms and accommodation booking forms to kala@razdva.cz
Post address - only for special cases:
Tomas Kalensky, Pod Lipami 902, Jičín 50601

Payments:To the bank account:
KB Praha a.s.
pob. Jičín
196 864 220 227/0100

Start fees:
Závod:5 denní3 denní
Start fee in EUR for entries
sent and paid till :
HD 10-14HD 16-20HD 21-70All classesT1, T2 per 1 day
a) July 20th 200417233322x
b) July 30th 200420304327x
c) at registration274053334
SPORTident rent
for 5 days
Start fees and rent for SPORTident can be also paid at registration. Accommodation have to be paid in advance.
You can fill and send this form for entries.

Parking:Will be charged on place.
Parking in camp: Car, campervan in camp 10 EUR, BUS in camp 20 EUR (for whole stay)
Price includes 6 nights / 1 person
Camping12 EUR
Bungalows45 EUR
Hotel A1 bed room - 150 EUR
2 or 3 bed room - 100 EUR
Hotel B65 EUR
You can fill and send this form for accommodation.

Registration: Camping Svatá Kateřina
Monday, 2nd August 2004    13:00 - 21:00
Tuesday, 3rd August 2004      9:00 - 21:00

Maps and terrain: E1: Central-European, hilly       1 : 15 000
E2: Central-European, hilly       1 : 10 000
E3: Hilly with many stones       1 : 5 000
E4: Stony, flat                       1 : 10 000
E5: Stony, hilly                      1 : 10 000

Courses: E1, E4, E5:  classic distance
E2:            shortened distance
E3:            sprint

Start:E1 4th August 2004           9:00
E2 5th August 2004           9:00
E3 6th August 2004           14:00
E4 7th August 2004           9:00
E5 8th August 2004           9:00

More information:Course lengths, instructions for competitors, start lists, photos from the terrain etc. will be continuously added to http://objicin.tpc.cz.

Additional Events

Night-O Event

Date:5th August 2004


Event centre:Camping Svatá Kateřina

Classes: D14N   25 min.    H14N   30 min.
D16N   30 min.    H16N   35 min.
D18N   35 min.    H18N   40 min.
D20N   40 min.    H20N   40 min.
D21N   40 min.    H21N   45 min.
D35N   40 min.    H35N   40 min.
                        H45N   40 min.

MIX1 – pairs (course D14N)
MIX2 – pairs (course D20N)

Payments and deadline
for entries:
Same as for 5 days

Start fees:H, D14 - 20       1 EUR
other classes     1,5 EUR

Registration:5th August 2004    18:00 – 19:00

Beer relay

Date:7th August 2004


Event centre:Camping Svatá Kateřina

Classes:Beer Boys – 3 men relay (drink beer)
Spirit Girls – 3 women relay (drink shots)

Entries:At registration



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