World ranking event 2011

Date:Saturday 4.6.2011 - middle WRE
Sunday 5.6.2011 - long

Event organizers:Český svaz orientačních sportů + club TJ Sportcentrum Jičín

Classes:WRE + Czech Cup D/H 21E
Czech Cup A D/H 16,18 a 20A
Bohemia Cup B D14-65B, H14-75B
Others D/H 21A,B,C, D/H 12C
P3 (open route 3km) – Saturday, Sunday, P6 (open route 6km) - Sunday only

Rules:Rules for orientering valid in Czech Orienteering Federation.

Punching systém:The electronic punching and timing equipment SPORTIDENT will be used. Please write number of Your own SI-card into the entry form or write "hire". Hire costs 40 CZK/pc/day, if lost 750 CZK will be requested.

Entries:Last day is 16.05.2011 to address:
(entry is valid if receiving will be confirmed by organizer). All later entries will be accepted with surcharge +100% if only convenient for the organizer. All runners D/H21E for WRE are asked to fill their Ranking List Identifier (IOF Ranking ID) into the entry form!

Tomáš Kalenský, mobil +420 777604 590 -

Entry fees:
H/D 16-20A + H/D21280,- Kč340,- Kč
H/D 16-55B260,- Kč300,- Kč
Others (except DH21A,B,C)140,- Kč140,- Kč
All later entries +100% (except classes P3 and P6)

Payment:Cash at the event registration.

Registration:On Saturday 4th June 2011 from 9.00 to 11.00 a.m. (exceptionaly on 5th June 2011 in the morning) in the event centre.
Event centre:Saturday 4.6. 2011 - Middle - Rekreační zařízení PAŘEZ (Prachovské skály) GPS 50 28´ 38´´N 15 16´11´´E
Sunday 5.6. 2011 - Long - Camping Lužany - GPS 50 26´29´´N 15 28´47´´E

Start time:The first start will be at 12.00 p.m. on Saturday, at 10.00 a.m. on Sunday

Distances:parking – finish area 0 - 700 m
finish area – start up to 2500 m

Maps:2 new waterproof maps according to ISOM 2000
for middle 1:10.000 e5m (all classes)
for long 1:15.000 e5m (for classes H/D 16-40) and 1:10.000 e5m (for other classes)

Terrain:The interesting terrains with sandstone rocks, boulders, lot of other details, with an usual central-european forest.

Accommodation:It's possible to reserve it by organizers
price per personBreakfast and dinner
RS Pařez:Building 120 beds200,-Kč150,-Kč
Bungalows 190 beds170,-Kč150,-Kč
(800m from event centre):
90 beds350,-Kč180,-Kč
Autocamp Lužany:Tents30,- Kč per person + for tent 45,-Kč
Protests:Any protests can only be made in the written form, followed by the deposit of 200 CZK. If it´s accepted, the deposit will be returned. Protests in WRE classes (D21E, H21E) are with no deposit.

Main organizers:
Saturday 4.6. 2011Sunday 5.6.2011
event director:Havlík JaroslavŘehák Pavel
main refereeKalenský TomášKrál Martin
route formation:Kazda OndřejPolák Vlastimil
Hanzl TomášHenych Martin
Prohibition:The use of shoes with spikes or any metal tips is strictly prohibited !

Attention:Some selling activity at the finish area can be possible only if agreement with organizer.




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